Our Products

100% Grass-fed Beef

Our Scottish Highland cattle are 100% grass-fed and never given any antibiotics.  We offer every cut of beef, as well as cow shares – whole, half, and quarter shares.  Please contact us for more information on cow shares.

Beef Price Sheet

Free-Range Chicken

The broiler chickens on our farm live outdoors on pasture. As Heritage breeds, they distinguish themselves from the commercial birds by having a long, productive outdoor lifespan and a slow growth rate, which develops their distinctive flavor.

Chicken Price Sheet

Pasture- and Woodland-Raised Pork

Our Heritage pigs are all born on our farm and are always raised on pasture and woodlands, never in confinement. We offer the full range of pork cuts, along with the option to purchase a whole or half-animal.

Pork Price Sheet

Pasture Raised Turkey

Our turkeys are all natural and pasture raised on our farm. We supplement their diet with 100% non-GMO feed we make fresh here on the farm. They’re always outside and never given antibiotics or growth hormones.

Turkey Price Sheet

Free-Range Eggs

These fresh eggs are produced by our laying hens, which follow behind our cattle out in the fields. The yolks have a gorgeous yellow-orange color.

Local Honey

The honeybees in our orchard produce a polyfloral honey from the nectar they collect from the farm’s fruit trees and wildflowers. It is packaged raw.

Organically Grown Fruits & Vegetables

We are excited to announce that we growing over 75 different varieties of certified organic fruits and vegetables this season. All of our produce is grown here at the farm and will be available in our market this spring, summer, and fall. Stop by our market or join our mailing list to see whats available.